Sgt Johnny Robertson Scholarship

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The Collin County Marine Corps League Scholarship Program has the sole responsibility for selecting recipients based on criteria as set forth in the program/scholarship’s description. Upon submission, this application becomes the property of the Collin County Marine Corps League Scholarship Program. It is recommended you keep a copy for your files.


***Completing this application and or being awarded a scholarship does not in any way obligate the applicant to any military service***

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Please answer the following question: Tell us about someone you know who has served or is serving in the military and how their service has impacted you. Essay must be a minimum of 500 words. If you prefer to submit a video version of your essay, you may do so by uploading it to your platform of choice (ex: YouTube) and providing the link as prompted below.

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Applicants may choose to upload a resume or document additional activities, awards, honors, community service and volunteer activities. Sending additional documentation does not replace any part of this application. Do not repeat information already reported on the application form. 

Your name, address and name of this scholarship program should be included on all uploads/attachments.